Expensive cars accumulate very expensive maintenance bills, but not everything about them has to empty your wallet of its hard earned cash. One Bugatti owner in Hallandale, Fl. has proven this theory by taking a trip to the local car wash on US1 to get his Veyron sparkling clean.

While some may consider this automotive blasphemy, others - like our penny-pinching Veyron owner - no doubt believe this is a great way to cut down on those ridiculous maintenance fees associated with the $2 million ride. A routine service for the Veyron runs up to around £13,000, which is around $21,000 based on current exchange rates. In the event that you need to replace the specialized rubber on the Veyron, a set will cost you £25,000 ($40,500). Oh, and ’as per Bugatti’s recommendation’, you should change your tires after every 2,500 miles. It’s also common procedure for a car like the Veyron to continuously check for cracks on the wheels of the supercar, a practice that will set you back an extra £7,200 ($11,500). All in all, a year’s worth of maintenance could set owners back about $300,000!

Which brings us back to our $30 car wash guy. This guy is definitely not shelling out $30,000 for his Veyron to get cleaned appropriately, but is having your local car wash rub down your supercar with inexperienced hands a smart move? Probably not.

This poor little record-breaking supercar probably never saw it coming.


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  (447) posted on 02.23.2012

What’s wrong with being practical and saving money? It doesn’t mean that if you have your super car, you also have to pay expensive treatment for your car. He’s not being stupid at all.

  (619) posted on 10.12.2011

That’s kinda unbelievable.. We all absolutely know that expensive and luxury cars are expensive to maintain too..

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