Tuning firms have always loved customizing Toyota Supra’s from the mid-90’s, and there are literally dozens of Supra’s roaming U.S. streets with in excess of 1,000 horsepower. The silver unit is no exception to that rule, except for the fact that it lives in chilly Sweden.

In a short two and half minute video, producers gathered the insane aforementioned Supra with a group of Supermoto motorcycles and let them loose on some Swedish roads in Västerås, approximately 62 miles from Stockholm.

We’ve seen similar videos on numerous occasions, where high performance sports cars drive and drift around public roads, but this one takes the crown for stupidity. It seems the roads remained open for public use during filming, and drifting a car with as much power as this Supra obviously poses numerous health and safety issues. Combine that with a half a dozen high performance motorcycles, and you seemingly have a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully however, no incidents were reported during filming, but the mysterious appearance of a police car in the closing seconds of the video begs the question as to if the hooligans were fined and reprimanded in any way.

Whatever happened after the director said cut doesn’t really matter, as you can still check out the video above.


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  (419) posted on 06.14.2012

I wish they just darted to showing off and competing already.

  (677) posted on 06.7.2012

I expected it to be swarmed and provoked by the group of motorcycles. LOL.

  (458) posted on 05.27.2012

No doubt it stirred a commotion in the background as each side is a great performer.

  (570) posted on 05.24.2012

Well, isn’t this amazing? I’d be astounded if I meet a very powerful car and a group of equally high-powered motorcycles. It certainly seems like a wonderful encounter.

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