Sometimes there’s no replacement for displacement. That’s surely the case here as this heavily modified Viper with its twin-turbocharged, 8.4-liter V-10 rockets past the competition. Though the other cars running beside the Viper have boost-adding features as well, none of them seem to touch the V-10’s hunger for victory.

The car comes from the guys at nth Moto who specialize in building extreme setups like this one. The event was the Texas Invitational held October 3rd through 5th in Dallas. The Viper competed in 10 full passes, each of which was within four to five miles per hour of another with top speeds nearing the 200 mark.

Unlike drag racing that relies heavily on traction off the line, roll racing allows the cars to get up to speed before crossing the starting line. As turbos spool and superchargers whine, the cars are able to maintain grip and run.

The nth Moto Viper uses huge, 70-mm twin turbos to force-feed air into the 8.4-liter V-10. With custom-built billet intercoolers and wiring harness, full traction control, and a set of wide drag slicks, the Viper is made to run.

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