The Spa Francorchamps is not just a popular venue for the world’s most popular racing series; it’s also a track every sports and supercar enthusiasts dreams of driving on it at least once in their lifetime. That’s why I’m not at all surprised that some McLaren P1 owners brought their expensive hybrids to Belgium as soon as they took delivery. One of them was actually brave enough to have his vehicle delivered at Spa directly and take his first drive on the famed track. Talk about having a thrilling first experience with 903 horsepower at your disposal.

We’ve already seen a couple of P1s stretching their legs on said track, but it looks like P1 owners keep pouring in. During a late-September track day, no less than 10 British supercars gathered on Spa Francorchamps’ starting grid for what’s probably the biggest McLaren P1 race assembly yet. The landscape in which nine P1s are lined up on the grid for the photo shoot is breathtaking, with the supercars dressed in various factory colors. Yellow, red, orange, green, white and black; it’s like a bag of P1-shaped Skittles spilled on Spa’s tarmac.

Things get even better as the hybrid supercars begin lapping the track. There’s plenty of high-speed footage and thundering V-8 sounds coming from both the P1s and the smaller 12Cs that joined the fun. It’s like McLaren moved its headquarters from Woking to Spa Francorchamps for one day. Hit play for the full action.


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