Video: 2010 Cadillac lineup

The luxury arm of the American automaker Gerneral Motors, Cadillac has just revealed a new promotional video that shows off the retailer’s offering sfor next year. The video is part NASA and part Area 51, with a group of anxious onlookers awaiting on just the other side of the fence from what appears to be a military installation. When the hanger doors open up the entire 2010 Cadillac lineup shoots out and into the unknown, appearing as if it is about to set a land speed record, the 2010 CTS tranforms into a CTS sport wagon and then a new SRX crossover. However the fat lady doesn’t sing until the all new CTS coupe makes an appearance, a car that will be in showrooms by next summer. Not only does the video highlight the automaker’s 2010 lineup, but it also gives the car maker a newfound sense of speed, style and innovation; something that every car builder needs right about now.


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