Jaguar will unveil the new generation XJ luxury sedan on July 9. But before we’ll see the final product, the company keeps teasing us with one more video, this time talking about the sedan’s aluminum body shell.


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  (177) posted on 06.29.2009

It seems to get narrower from the front to the back. From what I can see it doesnt look very attractive - it starts all wide but kidna gets thin towards the back. For some reason when I first saw the rear I automatically thought Nissan Maxima. Im thinking the last of the classic Jags are dead, which is really sad. The XF dsnt even look like a Jag, its pretty, but doesnt look like a Jaguar, just a pretty car, and I fear this one will be the same.

  (116) posted on 06.29.2009

It may look like a stretched version of current XF with some modification, a four-door coupe style perhaps with less aerodynamic and coupe shapes. Should be more formal as most big Jags are. Anyway, a jaguar is always beautiful and stylish. Another thing, I think the new XJ will be sexy, very georgus and stylish, just not very Jaguar like, which is a shame.

  (137) posted on 06.29.2009

More interesting is the strange wrap around rear window and mostly concealed ’C’ ar. Looks as if the car will have a futuristic look with a ’fake’ glass dome. But for my most honest verdict: Even from the top this Jag still looks great, not many cars look cool from the top. Another brilliant addition to the Jag range...

  (78) posted on 06.29.2009

I heard some rumors about the revival of XJ12, XJ with V12 engine and with twin scroll biturbo gets 600hp and plenty of torque! that would bring Jag back in the game with top three Germans! But my question is, where would they get the engine from? Jaguar can’t afford to develop their own from scratch. I guess there is a chance they could add modules to the V8. Buy in the V12 from Aston Martin?

  (79) posted on 06.29.2009

This is rare for the British car company to go out of the box and provide a raw and more exciting rendering of its segment car. I am lokknig forward to see how Jaguar was able to combine modern rendition and interpretation to its classic features and signtures.

  (231) posted on 06.29.2009

WoW! how many car you know looks good from the top, who can wait till July to see it all. The rear lights like different on the official shot though.

I can’t wait to see this car. That sector needs some passion and excitement. It’s too big a leap (no pun intended) to the Maserati Quattroporte.

  (289) posted on 06.29.2009

I guess, it is not difficult to fall in love with the new Xj and that is what Jaguar is doing right now, they are making the presence of the new XJ more enticing and exciting...its a marketing strategy that of course created a lot of discussion in the internet, we are tracking every sinlge teaser that Jags is ready to show to the public. It is like a virgin which the father have perfectly redied for bethrotal...sending excitement to the most interested.

  (314) posted on 06.29.2009

Jaguar is really investing on these teasing commercials for the purpose of increasing the interest of the seemingly lukewarm market due to recession. However, I believe that the new XJ is also a a new Jaguar out of the box and this means more meaner and bolder features compared to its predecessor will be unveiled on the 9th.

  (318) posted on 06.29.2009

Well, you better get used to this sort of stuffs until July 9 when they finally drop the curtains on the all new 2010 Jaguar XJ. This new teaser is about the car’s Bowers & Wilkins sound system! Maybe the next one is about Xj’s fuel filler cap!

  (421) posted on 06.29.2009

I must say the body kit is superbly impressive and the Jag is definitely giving a good introduction of their new line up. This teasing only shows that Jaguar’s marketing is ready to launch this product and make sure that they get a good sales record when it goes on sale.

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