As you may know by now, Top Gear is headed to Bethlehem for Christmas in order to follow the same route as the Three Wise Men using a BMW Z3, a Fiat Barchetta, and a Mazda MX-5 as their camels. A short preview of the episode was already featured last week, but the full trailer for the special has now been released.

The Christmas special will be aired on December 26th, 2010 and will feature a Top Gear version of the boys’ "own 21st century nativity play," but as a gift for the holiday season Top Gear will also air their regular episode on December 21st. This episode features an "epic road trip up America’s east coast" with the boys driving a Mercedes SLS, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and a Ferrari 458 Italia. In this segment, the trio put the sports cars to the test to determine which is the greatest. Other segments of the episode will include Danny Boyle’s track run of the reasonably priced car and "a round up of car-related Christmas tat."

There you have it, two Top Gear episodes in one week. Isn’t Christmas wonderful?


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  (31) posted on 03.25.2011

I really appreciate their attempt but i strongly believe that they cannot reach the level of Three Wise Men......

  (212) posted on 03.25.2011

I have already watched the whole episode. It is a great episode! Actually, I have already made it as one of my favorite episodes on Top Gear ! No wonder they received a recognition for that episode. 

  (559) posted on 02.9.2011

NO! Nothing can match the original Top Gear BBC. No one can replace Jeremy, Richard, and James. They are what makes the show so entertaining. Although tanner does remind me of Hammond but the other 2 are boring.

  (134) posted on 02.8.2011

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that but you can never build a team like those three in thousand years. Over exaggeration, I think not.

  (247) posted on 02.8.2011

I don’t like those clowns and i don’t think that they are funny at all , neither objective about the cars they review. I think that they should be performing in a circus , it suits them well

  (780) posted on 12.19.2010

dang that was a good looking car, I’ve seen the lamborghini and the continental once and I must admit that my eyes is on the Continental, it is
more muscular and the stance is very impressive.

  (340) posted on 12.16.2010

As I see it the basic problem is that the BBC show is innovative and unpredictable, and that’s a formula that by definition cannot be copied. Great example is The Stig- I’m not entirely sure I quite get the British version, but the American take on it just makes no sense.

  (461) posted on 12.15.2010

As a former Top Gear hater, even when I had never watched an episode, let me just say I’m excited. This is one of maybe two shows that my wife and will watch together, and I am amazed at that. It really is one of the best shows on TV, regardless of the supercar reviews.

  (808) posted on 12.14.2010

for sure it will meet your expectations.. beside they don’t have time for BS... neither do I...

  (807) posted on 12.14.2010

I love the Wheel set, you should be take good care on this kind of wheels, hopefully its is light enough to give some more extra speed and power to the Camaro.

  (807) posted on 12.14.2010

can’t wait for December 26, I’m really excited with the Christmas special of the top gear. hopefully everything will go smoothly and on detail.

  (45) posted on 12.14.2010

Ehey, it looks every week since the Christmas they will show 30 more seconds to make us curious. Unfortunately in my experience, the trailer always is at least twice as good as the movie.

  (111) posted on 12.14.2010

Wow! Street racing in US probably got them some tickets! But I’m sure the budget of the show covers this and so much more!

  (151) posted on 12.14.2010

I see on top of the video "An error occurred, please try again later" and in the back, with like 20% luminosity, the video. Hope it will be back soon since I’m waiting to see the show!

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