Video: 2010 Volvo S60 preview

It seems that there are more and more visually impaired persons making their way into the automotive realm. This started off when the Ford Motor Company gave Roger Keeney a chance to get behind the wheel of a 2010 Mustang after 20 years of blindness. More recently the Johannesburg native, Hein Wagner, set speed record at over 200 MPH in an SL65 AMG Black Series..

The Swedish automaker Volvo has just released a new video that features their future S60 luxury sedan, and even though we don’t see much of the car, we do find out a few important details about the upcoming Volvo. For example, it will be painted by a blind artist, Esref Armagan, a man known for his remarkable creative skills. If you want to discuss even more about the new car you can check out the S60’s new page on Facebook.


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