We are all waiting for the new generation BMW M3 to be launched onto the market sometime in 2013, but the long wait is making us weary and the testing sessions are getting too few and far between for our liking. Luckily, we found this video of the upcoming model as it accelerated out of the Karussell on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The future BMW M3 will drop the current 420 HP engine and will replace it with a new twin-turbo 3.0 liter straight-six engine. The engine will take the output up to impressive 450 HP. This video provides us with the chance to the amazing sounds of the future turbocharged inline six-cylinder motor of the upcoming M3.

The new BMW M3 will be a 2013 model year car in Europe, but will be labelled as a 2014 car for the North American market.


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  (100) posted on 09.27.2012

NO doubt that the engine is great but the design is not something to be proud of.

  (40) posted on 09.26.2012

The design is kinda distracting for me. But those engines are really great!.

  (40) posted on 09.26.2012

Many were anticipating in this testing, now that the testing had already done, I think many people will love this car.

  (116) posted on 09.24.2012

The engine is really cool. Hearing those roar really shocked me. But the only problem and the only thing that I don’t like about this is the design. Can they make it more simple?

  (26) posted on 09.24.2012

At first I said that I really don’t it because of the design but when i’ve watch it, wow, the engine is incredible.

  (105) posted on 09.24.2012

I’d really to watch another testing video of this M3. I want to see the improvement from the first testing to the other.

  (30) posted on 09.21.2012

I heard that this car has a very powerful engine.

  (86) posted on 09.21.2012

Can they give more details on the result of this testing? I really want to know.

  (780) posted on 09.20.2012

Yeah, I like to hear more of its roaring engine. The video is enough to prove that the M3 is more powerful than the 1-series.

  (702) posted on 09.19.2012

A really powerful car. I just hope it can be on the top of car sales when this car is already launched.

  (38) posted on 09.18.2012

I will really wait for this car before I will buy my own car.

  (71) posted on 09.18.2012

Wow. Six- cylinder motor ? That’s really incredible. I’ve only heard three-cylinder but six? Wow. I am going to wait for this car to be launch.

  (344) posted on 09.17.2012

Having the twin turbo makes it more powerful other than the competetitors of this car.

  (780) posted on 09.17.2012

I love the engine of this car, really powerful but the design ? It’s a BIT ridiculous.

  (780) posted on 09.17.2012

Well, the power of this undoubtedly questionable. You can hear it on the video of testing this car.

  (484) posted on 09.16.2012

I think they should do more testing so that they can make sure that when the time that BMW M3 will be launch, it will work properly.

  (798) posted on 09.16.2012

When I heard the roaring of this car, I thought “whoa, this car is great!”.

  (410) posted on 09.13.2012

Having those sounds right on your car will boost your confidence also. How I like to have one right away.

  (287) posted on 09.12.2012

Good to know they have something like this kind of testing. I like to know more about the details of the upcoming M3.

  (745) posted on 09.12.2012

It’s the answer on some issues regarding the handling of the former models.

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