The sixth-generation Ford Mustang has been caught testing plenty of times, but we have yet to get a clear listen to the turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Well, one lucky Youtube user just so happened upon a camouflaged Mustang on the roads of Flagstaff, Arizona with the a distinct whistle coming from the engine compartment. The video is pretty short, but is definitive proof that Ford engineers are hard at work on a four-cylinder, turbocharged version of the next-gen Mustang.

Rumors have recently been pulling everyone in multiple directions. One day, a report claims that the turbocharged model will only find its way to European showrooms and the next day, someone else claims that the U.S. market will get a turbocharged version. This video pretty much puts the issue to bed, as there is no reason to test a turbocharged Mustang in the States, if it won’t find its way here. That would seem a little counterproductive to us.

Just about every report of this turbocharged four-pot point to it being a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine that is based on the 2.0-liter EcoBoost that you can find on the Focus ST, but tuned to about 350 horsepower. And according to several comments by Focus ST owners, the sound that this Mustang makes as it pulls away is identical to the sound that they hear everyday from their Focus’ engine. So, this also helps somewhat validate the claims that this engine will, in fact, be on loan from the Focus ST.

The next-generation Mustang will be the first ever to offer an independent rear suspension and it will adopt a global design that will be inspired by the Evos Concept.

We expect to see the 2015 Ford Mustang unveiled on April 17, 2014 - just in time to celebrate the car’s 50th anniversary. As a reminder, rumors point toward the first 1,000 units will be offered as a 2014 1/2 model year.


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