With the mid-engined 458 expected to receive an update in 2016, the FFFerrari’s only all-wheel-drive model — will soon be the oldest model in the company’s lineup. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume the four-seat model is the next in line for a refresh, and a brand-new video coming from supercar spotter Marchettino suggest Maranello is already working on a revised FF. Very little is known about the new FF and the video isn’t very helpful with Ferrari using the current body for this mule, but there’s a lot of high-speed footage, exhaust noise, and even some sliding to enjoy.

As for what might the 2016 FF bring, there are several rumors in the mill. Firstly, there’s been a lot of talk about Ferrari wanting to replace the current

like roof with a more elegant canopy. Word has it the Italians are also pondering a coupe version of the FF, but none of the scenarios above have been confirmed. More importantly, there have been voices claiming Maranello could add a more affordable, V-8-powered model to the lineup. However, the latter isn’t very likely with 2015 California T already in showrooms.

Either way, I’m 100-percent positive that the new FF will have its V-12 updated to deliver more than the current 660 horsepower and 503 pound-feet of torque. The new output should shave about 0.2 seconds off the 3.7-second 0-to-60 sprint, but keep the top speed unaltered at 208 mph. Fingers crossed Ferrari maintains the FF’s shooting brake roof, as it’s the main exterior feature that sets it apart from other modern-day Prancing Horses.

Ferrari FF

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