Being a factory test driver is the kind of job most gearheads aspire to, but things aren’t always as fun as we might think. Testing a prototype comes with all sorts of ups and downs. One moment you find yourself driving the latest high-performance Mustang on public roads, but the next few seconds could bring the kind of trouble that comes with testing prototype parts. That’s exactly what happened in the video above, which shows a 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 test car having slight engine issues.

The vehicle in question was spotted roaring its new V-8 engine on Woodward Avenue in Birmingham, Michigan, a city just North of Detroit, minutes before it got stuck in a parking lot with some sort of ignition issue. A bit embarrassing for a muscle car with such an iconic name on its fenders, but we’ve seen far more important performance cars crash while lapping the Nurburgring track.

Issues aside, the short video gives us another taste of the Shebly GT350’s awesome exhaust note, once they got it fired back up. It’s loud enough to cover slightly busy traffic, and that’s good news to us!


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