Getting the chance to see one Lamborghini driving down your street makes for a great day and getting to see five all in one place is a rare opportunity, but being witness to 50 Lamborghinis on the same road is simply unheard of. Youtube user, Maxson Goh, however, seemed to be at the right place at the right time when he was able to catch no less than 50 Lamborghini models arrive for a gathering in Singapore. Now that’s an incredible lucky man!

The most impressive part is that he had the chance to see almost every model in Lamborghini’s history in just one day, as the models invited to the party included Gallardos, Murcielagos, the new Aventador, as well as the older Diablo. Special edition models like the Superleggera and the Super Veloce were also present. Now that’s what we like to call a perfect day!


Alina Moore
Alina Moore
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  (446) posted on 02.22.2012

The video was extravagant that it has captured an event that more than fifty Lamborghini cars gathered for a dinner. All of them possess great looks and stunning views.

  (553) posted on 02.9.2012

I didn’t know that it is much fortunate to see Lamborghini than seeing a horseshoe. Well,who wouldn’t be lucky if these car parade in your front to gather to a special occasion, knowing these cars that cost million dollars.

  (577) posted on 02.6.2012

It’s amazing to witness it on the first hand, most especially the Lamborghini that had arrived on a special gathering on Singapore. Well, I would be certainly lucky if I’m the one who witness that event.

  (530) posted on 02.6.2012

Wow! An every person must said to be lucky when the famous Lamborghini is on the way and shows up its different body paint with an outstanding concept. Who wouldn’t take this opportunity to get some photos of Lamborghini? If I’m on that event, I’ll surely grab the opportunity to take a look of this model. The style of this car is very aggressive and versatile. I like the side mirrors, it’s very unique.

  (1) posted on 02.5.2012

all the more surprising when you realize an aventador is $1.3mil and a gallardo is $700 000 in singapore.

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