While the rest of the world enjoys a different kind of donut - one that involves a lot of glazed sugar - us gearheads only care about the kind of donut that results in burnt tires and lots of smoke.

So when we chanced upon this video of 57 cars doing a simultaneous donut in Australia, we couldn’t help but wonder whether this was some kind of world record. After carefully digging through the archives of the Guinness Book of World Records, we found out that this 57-strong exhibition of smoke-filled donut madness is in fact the record-holder for the most cars performing the same stunt simultaneously.

This public demonstration broke the previous record of 29 cars, which was set in Rendlesham, UK a little over two years ago on March 1, 2009. Less than a year later - January 23, 2010 - this 57-car simultaneous donut broke the record at the Queensland Raceway in Willowbank, Australia.

Actually, the original number for this whole meet was supposed to be 66 cars, but nine cars were left out from the final tally because they couldn’t perform donuts for the required time of 10 seconds.

Either way, a record’s a record at the end of the day. And even if 66 wasn’t the final number, 57 is still a pretty awesome sight to behold.

Check out the 29-car simultaneous donut in the UK after the jump.

Source: Guinness World Records

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  (453) posted on 06.29.2011

One thing about these records is that they are always meant to be broken. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if this one would be broken in just a few months, so let’s just wait and see when that one will happen.

  (530) posted on 06.22.2011

Yeah, another thing would be that some other groups would actually try and break their record. That one will also be definitely an exciting feat to accomplish.

  (714) posted on 06.16.2011

I wonder what the next trick of this group would be/ probably, they would try something a bit more amazing than this one. That one I would definitely be looking forward to.

  (378) posted on 06.15.2011

This one is definitely one mean feat. I really can’t imagine the level of skill that all the drivers need to have to pull this one one off. And there ’s also all that pressure and concentration.

  (502) posted on 06.15.2011

Actually, I think they have already said about that one from the start, maybe you just didn’t notice. But the whole point is that they were able to pull off the whole stunt without something going wrong.

  (334) posted on 06.14.2011

Well, I would agree that they would indeed need quite a lot of preparations for that one. It is certainly not an ordinary stunt and you really proper coordination.

  (592) posted on 06.14.2011

Well, that’s kind of weird and amazing. I wonder which is the most thinnest tyre after they drift like that. But it is indeed a great record.

  (412) posted on 06.13.2011

Wow, that one was quite amazing! I never really thought that they would actually be able to pull off this one. Imagine the amount of preparations that they have to do for this stunt.

  (528) posted on 06.13.2011

What is this..A sort of drifting stunts? I wonder why the management of the said event doesn’t announced that it was a record attempt for Guinness Book of World Records? I really enjoyed watching those cars while performing the donuts though the smoke almost cover the whole ground!

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