Seven-year olds are supposed to be playing with their toy cars, not capable of doing something like this. In a piece of news so bizarre it should give everyone their morning jolt, a seven-year old boy was caught by police after he apparently stole his mom’s car and, even more amazing, managed to drive it 20 miles at speeds reaching 70 mph.

The whole scene played out in Huron County, Michigan where authorities were notified about a driver navigating around town in a Pontiac Sunfire. Normally, this wouldn’t be cause for alarm, but considering that the driver was a seven-year old kid in his pajamas, it raised more than its fair share of shock from motorists within the area.

Fortunately, the police were able to corral the boy in his attempt to see his stepdad in Filion, Michigan and did so without having to resort to anything more than just boxing him in before the kid finally pulled over on the side of a rural road.

This should be a pretty interesting case for prosecutors who are now in the process of discerning whether charges are going to be filed on the boy or his parents.

One thing we do know is that the boy’s parents should be a little more careful in what they teach their kids at a young age. Playing with toy cars is fine, but playing with the real thing is not.


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  (570) posted on 08.26.2011

Yeah, I just remember that kid who drift using the Audi vehicle! Although, its kind of dangerous I have to say that its quiet amazing for a seven year old boy.

  (594) posted on 08.26.2011

Well, first of all I have to say that this kid really have the talent. I guess everyone have already an idea on what will be his future. He drive fast in the straight line.

  (397) posted on 07.6.2011

Isn’t it a bit too harsh to call this one stealing? For one, the kid’s just seven years old, and he probably don’t have a clear grasp of what stealing is yet. And he is probably just in a playful mood.

  (442) posted on 07.6.2011

I guess its the parents fault why that seven years old kid drove the car just like that. Imagine, where did he get the keys? Where’s his parents? Just an addition, the Stursky and Hutch duo is really amazing.

  (399) posted on 07.5.2011

What the, this one is definitely crazy. How they could have actually let a kid go around with a car? They should really give those parents a lot of counseling for that one.

  (448) posted on 07.4.2011

Man, that one is quite insane. I know of several case of parents letting their kids handle the wheel for a while, but I think that this one is too much. The parents should be reprimanded.

  (858) posted on 07.4.2011

The good thing is the kid haven’t encountered any fatal accident or something. And I have to agree that its better to talk to clear this thing out with a sincere talk between the parents and the child to settle their family issue.

  (474) posted on 07.4.2011

Well, I don’t know if I’m going to give a round of applause for this kid for driving a car that is maybe triple of his size or criticize him for what he has done. Well,I guess this case needs to be settle by the boy and his mom. Anyway, I think there’s no criminal charges that they will filed against the I right?

  (488) posted on 07.4.2011

I think that this one is a bit too much I really was surprised by the fact that the kid was able to pull this one off, though I would agree that there is something wrong here.

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