GM’s next-generation heads-up display technology will accomplish one of two things. The first thing is that it could revolutionize car safety by essentially allowing drivers to be able to see out of their own windshield on any condition. On the other hand, similar to just about every concept car we see these days, GM’s Enhanced Vision System could also end up in the same boat, never leaving the research and concept line of GM’s human/machine interface department.

In this video, GM’s Thomas Seder introduces the new technology and describes in great detail what it’s all about, including the technology’s capacity to be able to augment objects in the real world and highlight them so that the driver has a better understanding of where he is at all times.

While the video does a good job of describing the technology in broad strokes, it still left us with more questions than answers on whether this new system has a real place out there on the road or if it’s nothing more than a forward-thinking technology that’s more concept than it is feasible.


Source: GM

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  (417) posted on 03.22.2010

Well, I really like to think that most concept cars doesn’t make it into production because there is no use of the actual concept and it might just be expensive. Now if the same thin happens to this technology, then it might just mean that the so called enhanced vision system is not that useful or its too expensive.

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