German auto tuner MTM’s new tuned up Audi R8, the V10 Bi-Turbo Prototype, made a cameo appearance in front of the company’s headquarters in Germany recently, giving us a look at the car that’s rumored to pack 888 horsepower underneath its hood. Yes, folks. 888 horsepower.

According to a spokesperson for the tuning house, the monstrous R8 has finally reached the conclusion of its developmental stage and is already in the first stages of being unleashed out on track. From what we’ve gathered, this car has performed extraordinarily well for MTM’s obscenely high standards. Should this car be as good as advertised, then you might be looking at one of the fastest, if not the fastest, Audi R8 on the planet.

The car is expected to make its debut to coincide with the tuning firm’s 20th birthday in November so we’ll be sure to keep you updated when MTM finally decides to pull the covers off of the Audi R8 V10 Bi-Turbo Prototype.


Source: You Tube

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