There are people in this world who like cars, but then you occasionally run into someone who lives and breaths the art of the automobile. Their veins are full of gasoline and their minds run wild with the dreams of racing victories, back road bombings, and the perfect sunset cruise. Conrad Stevenson is definitely the latter. He built a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale essentially from scratch, and he uses it to race in the brutally-fast and grueling Carrera Panamericana rally race.

Stevenson started with little more than a roof panel for the machine. Since then, he has built the car by hand using classic techniques and tools to create a patchwork of metal that looks beyond striking. Because of his build methods, the machine is not a true authentic ’65 car, but in his words, “I’m not presenting this car to Pebble Beach.”

Stevenson has run the Panamericana race previously in various machines with his friends, but last year was the first time he competed in the Alfa Romeo. Apparently, he knows how to build a solid race car; not only did he finish the race, but he finished 21st overall.

Just like all Petrolicious videos, this eight-minute film is full of gorgeous shots, thoughtful insight form the car’s owner and plenty of glorious Italian noise. Hit that “play” button and spend the next few minutes in bliss. It makes for a great end to a Sunday afternoon, and the perfect way to get ready for the upcoming week.

Don’t get mad at me if you want to build a race car and run across Mexico with it, though. Blame Petrolicious.


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