Porsche aficionados are a hardcore bunch, especially when it comes to talking about their race cars. That includes the legendary Porsche 911 (993) that was en vogue from 1993 to 1998.

These days, the company has a number of race variants in its line-up, including the 911 GT2 and as always the case when it comes to comps, it was inevitable to see the company put the two cars to task in a nice primer video.

In this video, you’re going to be hearing from Porsche’s chief driving consultant, Gordon Robertson, as he gives us an inside perspective on the two race models, even going so far as demonstrating the differences between two. It’s a worthwhile watch that lasts a little under five minutes so make time for it.

It’s hard not to have your interests piqued, especially when somebody that knows Porsche’s inside and out talks about two cars that are considered pillars of the company’s iconic 911 line.


Source: Porsche Purist

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