For any Ferrari enthusiast out there, the most amazing car ever launched by the company is no doubt the Testarossa - a car that stole the heart of many of us especially when it appeared in the "Miami Vice" movie.

Petrolicious has prepared an awesome tribute video to the Testarossa that proves the supercar deserves even more respect than you probably have imagined. Yes, we do know many of you consider the Lamborghini Countach to be a better “supercar,” but we are pretty sure you are going to change your mind after watching this video – or maybe at least accept the Testarossa a worthy adversary.

The car featured in this video belongs to vintage car collector, Joe Ventura, a man lucky enough to live daily with this beautiful redhead next to him.

This also makes us wonder is Ferrari would ever consider bringing the Testarossa back. What a joyous day that would be.


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  (1) posted on 04.17.2015

I agree with Joe Ventura that the Testarossa will go through the roof one day.Testarossa handles great,pulls like a freight train with the 12 cylinder,has the looks with all the room for a two seater. This Ferrari is way under priced today selling under the new listing price in the 90’s.

  (548) posted on 04.15.2013

Ferrari Testarossa looks nice supercar. It is nice that there is a tribute video to show that this supercar is really awesome. Joe Ventura is definitely lucky to keep this stunning vintage car.

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