Video: A walk-through around a camouflaged 2011 BMW X3


What’s the point of camouflaging a prototype if someone can just waltz in with a video camera and spend a good two-and-a-half minutes video taping the car from every conceivable angle?

If you’ve seen this spy video taken of the 2011 BMW X3, then it’s a pretty fair question to ask. Shot somewhere near BMW’s headquarters in Munich, the video is pretty much a walk-through of the facelifted X3, except that it comes with a swirly paint exterior. The X3’s refreshed approach lends itself to a more aggressive front end that makes use of a three-section bumper with an integrated splitter. You’ll also notice that the 2011 X3’s front end is a little rounder than its predecessor and has more of a pug-nosed look to it.

Overall, the changes do make for a refreshed-looking X3, which, we can imagine, is what BMW was going for in the first place. Check out the video and see it for yourself.


Source: YouTube

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