Awesome donuts come in many shapes and forms, but this dude definitely performed something we’ve never seen before. And that’s saying a lot, because we’ve seen some pretty sick donuts in our time.

The video certainly speaks for itself; there’s a man behind the wheel of an AC Cobra - and he’s doing some pretty sick donuts around a center console.

There’s not much words to describe this stunt, except that we sincerely hope that the man doing the donuts will also find a way to clean all that rubber he left behind on the wooden floor.

Apart from that little concern about cleaning the floor - and how he got the Cobra in that space in the first place - we don’t see anything on this video that would make us call the superintendent anytime soon.

If anything, we’d probably just caution the driver to be a little more discrete with all the rubber burning.


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  (776) posted on 09.12.2011

I see no extreme stunts drifting on the floor, it would be better if he do the drift in the parking lot at a high speed.

  (530) posted on 09.6.2011

haha. Yeah, I wonder if this is a open place or something. How he get in the car inside that place using those doors! Well, no more things to say except that he really proves that muscle car doesn’t have any problem on the corner.

  (484) posted on 09.6.2011

I think he needs a lot of space to perform greatly the donut stunt. I hate sound of the wheels once it do the twist. And I think the driver doing it kind of slowly and carefully. I want to see a more smooth move.

  (459) posted on 09.1.2011

This kind of video is like in the movie of fast and a furious tokyo drift. Drifting is one of the best for me. Because one of my car is like that
car in the video.

  (342) posted on 08.22.2011

Making donuts in a smooth wooden floor is tough but how did the car got in that area? Well, I don’t see any special with the stunt, but I think the driver will have a hard time to clean the rubber band he left in the floor.

  (399) posted on 08.22.2011

I was thinking about why he has done the stunt in the close area. It would be many simpler if the driver chose a wider space. Anyway, it’s not the issue of the video. Honestly, I was a bit impressed on how he made the stunt through its nothing compared to the performance of a modern vehicle and with smokey tyres on it!

  (474) posted on 08.22.2011

First of all, I considered that the major difficulty of a muscle vehicle&nb sp;was striking&n bsp;down the corner, particularly on the newer version. This video proves that those speculations were wrong. Although, the driver turns carefully and gradually still I can see that this vehicle is adept of burnout.

  (2) posted on 08.22.2011

wow, great work!!

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