The new re-imagined Acura NSX made its debut just yesterday and it is already the star in a video for Gran Turismo 5, joined by the original NSX. This isn’t exactly an official confirmation of the future sports car’s entrance into the gaming world, but it’s a pretty solid hint. Think of it this way: The same thing happened with the recently launched Toyota GT 86 and it is now being offered in the 2.02 update of GT5.

The Acura NSX Concept previews the future NSX supercar and presents the first application of Acura’s innovative new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system. This system combines a unique 2 Electric Motor Drive Unit with a bilateral torque adjustable control system that allows the car to instantly generate negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering. Throw in Acura’s next generation VTEC 3.5-liter V6 with direct-injection and a dual clutch transmission with a built-in electric motor, and you’re looking at a future production car with insane capabilities and killer style.


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  (530) posted on 02.6.2012

This must be a supercar and I’m sure it has the best maximum speed limit. I must say that the engine is better and the good exterior looks and the cool design of the model itself.

  (473) posted on 01.26.2012

This Gran turismo takes into another level. Acura NSX Concept is the best and will fit in this game. I would love to play this game. I would never be bored in this game.

  (441) posted on 01.19.2012

That was fine! Gran Turismo is really something we all could play. And now that it has that Acura, all must be too keen to have it. That video is amazing, by the way.

  (224) posted on 01.18.2012

Watching this video makes me want to join some racing. On the other hand, I must say that the engine is better plus its good exterior looks and the cool design of the model itself. This is really gonna be a supercar.

  (242) posted on 01.16.2012

Watching this video made me want to watch it personal on a real world on a areal track. Haha. I found it too good on the road. On the other hand, a V8 or V10 engine seems much suited on this car.

  (333) posted on 01.13.2012

I agree with you, Sioc_tong! This car should be boosted on V8 or V10 engine. This is far better with those engines, I think. Anyway, on its exterior looks, I can’t say much but this is a cool designed vehicle.

  (445) posted on 01.12.2012

This is really gonna be a supercar! Look at that design, it is really stunning. It is bold and strong on its exterior looks. And the speed is trully amazing, but its V6 engine can still be upgraded to V8 or V10 for better result.

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