The two Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have been invited to one of the most unusual parallel slalom race: they had to drive twoFerrari FF at the World Cup downhill races. And in their hand the FF proved to be very entertaining on demanding hills both up and down, as well as in endless changes of direction laid out on the downhill slalom course.

After the "race" Alonso said: "It’s incredible how easy it is to drive the FF even on a such a demanding surface and at the same time, how high a performance level you can reach in it." And it seems that Massa had a similar opinion: "the most incredible thing about the car is the fact there is no need to compromise maximum performance and useability, whatever the driving environment. And on top of that, it’s perfect for everyday use with the whole family in the car."

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  (397) posted on 02.10.2012

The place is so refreshing to perform. The race is so exciting and enjoy to watched on. This video captures my attention the most.

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