Anybody who has ever sat behind the wheel of a high performance vehicle understands the urge that comes with being behind the wheel of a track-friendly car. But just like everything else, there’s a difference between knowing what to do and just flying by the seat of your pants. On this note, Mercedes USA and the AMG Driving Academy Performance Series have released a series of videos designed to teach the newbies how performance driving is done. And just to err on the side of caution - and knowledge, for that matter - we strongly invite everyone to watch these videos.

In the first video, professional driver and AMG Driving Academy instructor Tommy Kendall gives us the lowdown on the basic workings and fundamentals we need to know when driving high-performance vehicles. It may sound a little trivial to some, but simple things like seat and mirror adjustment, as well as optimal positions for line of sight, go a long way in turning a neophyte performance driver to a skilled, track-ready racer.


Source: Mercedes USA

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