The last episode of the AMG Driving Academy Performance Series, Four-time Grand Am champion and Speed Channel host, Tommy Kendall, gave a few tips on controlling the car in different situations. Now professional driver and AMG Driving Academy instructor, Don Harple, takes the reigns to show us the importance of keeping the balance on your car to avoid oversteering and understeering. Apparently, these are two critical mistakes that could affect a driver’s lap time.

In this episode, Kendall gives some ideas on how corners should be attacked at varying levels of speed in order to maintain control of the car. Kendall teaches three things to remember when attacking corners: Correct, Pause, and Recover.

With Correct, the important thing is to stir into the skid, which is something that’s already second nature with a lot of drivers. The second part, Pause, is a little trickier because it involves split-second calculations in waiting for the skid to stop before turning into the other direction. At that point, the third thing to remember is Recover, is recognizing the change in direction and correcting it as soon as possible in order to corral your car and avoid understeer or oversteer.


Source: Mercedes USA

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