Mercedes-Benz USA’s AMG Driving Academy Performance Series is getting more and more interesting with each passing episode. Now on its seventh installment, these three-minute instructional videos have given us plenty of tips from a wide variety of racing techniques, including ESP, line technique, and slaloms.

For this particular episode, Tommy Kendall returns and brings AMG driving instructor, Nick Kunewalder, with him to walk us through the art of drifting. Describing drifting as "the ballet of power-sliding", Kendall and Kunewalder teach us the techniques in executing a perfect drift, from the initiation to the transitions to inducing a slide - a critical element of drifting - and carrying that slide all the way through a corner.

Kendall also points out that with drifting, all convention on racing flies out the window because in trying to induce a slide and create the theatrical smoke from your tires, you’re basically going against everything you’ve learned as a race car driver in trying to keep control of your car at all times. But that’s the allure of drifting and its popularity has soared to such great heights that it’s become a unique sport by itself.


Source: Mercedes USA

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  (314) posted on 08.8.2011

Well, I would agree that drifting is the ballet of power-sliding because when you drift, the sliding of the car seems to be a dance. So far, I can say that it is the most interesting episode of AMG Driving Academy.

  (530) posted on 08.8.2011

The way on how Tommy Kendall have explained the drifting seems easy. However, when I have try it myself is kind of difficult. The corner is really a hard course and it needs a lot of patience to make a perfect slide and at the same time maintaining the balance of the car.

  (474) posted on 08.8.2011

The ESP is in the off mode for sure. For the first time drifter like me, I would say that the technique and things to remember is kind of difficult. And it seems that it needs a lot of extensive practice to make a perfect slide for an awesome drifting.

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