A week after spy shots of a mysterious Lexus LF-A were snapped at the Nurburgring, Lexus brought out a second model sporting the same features with a different color scheme which was spotted in the same vicinity.

Let the speculation begin.

Instead of the bright blue finish that we saw last week, this one, courtesy of a video captured by a YouTube user, comes dressed in bright green and appears to be a little more subdued version of the other model. Take for example, the exhaust. The blue version sported a quad exhaust set-up in the rear whereas the green version has the standard three-pipe, triangular exhaust.

Another distinguishable difference are the letters on the flanks of both cars, just above the side sills. This model has "AD-B" written on it whereas the blue model carried "AD-A" on it. If those are code words for a prototype model like we speculated a week ago, then Lexus must be preparing a final swan song - or two - for their mighty super car.

Keep tabs here for updates; we’re betting our mortgages that this won’t be the last time we’re going to here from these two mysterious LF-As.


Source: TouriClips

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  (683) posted on 07.16.2012

It has an extensive Carbon Fiber Constriction. Oh, it’s starting price will be $345,000.

  (394) posted on 07.12.2012

This Lexus LF-A or LF-B has 3.6 seconds acceleration time and 202MPH maximum speed. It all comes from 4.8L V10 engine with an output of 552HP.

  (797) posted on 07.11.2012

Lexus kept silent about their plan on Lexus LF-A, so what’s going on?

  (630) posted on 07.10.2012

Did Lexus mention anything about the new model of LF-A?

  (553) posted on 07.10.2012

What could be this mysterious Lexus? Lexus hasn’t provided any hints of the newest sibling of the LF-A.

  (474) posted on 07.8.2012

Lexus is up to something we can’t identify yet. They are surprising us with their models and “upcoming”. I didn’t hear anything about the LF-A AD-B. It must be the second model of the LF-A which will unveil next year. I hope Lexus will give some hint and details as well as images of this new version.

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