Each winter, Aston Martin hosts a very cool snow and ice driving experience called “Aston Martin On Ice.” The event will be held in the luxury resort of St Moritz, in Switzerland and it’s one of the most popular events on the company’s calendar.

This year is no exception, of course. Select customers were invited to the event and the result is previewed by the above trailer video. As you can see, the event brought together some of the most impressive models in Aston Martin’s lineup, starting with the Rapide sedan and up to the latest Vanquish supercar.

Overall, it looks like everyone had a pretty good time taking these $200K cars in the show. Of course, how couldn’t you have fun, sans worrying about crashing your precious Aston…

The full video will follow shortly and it will surely unveil more details from this amazing party on the snow! Stay tuned!


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  (548) posted on 04.15.2013

“Aston Martin On Ice” sounds a great event to see what kind of ice driving experience that will be offered by their cars. The event unveiled so many cars and it is so nice to see how these cars could be able to endure cold weather and snowy road.

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