Aston Martin just unveiled the CC100 Speedster and it is already dropping a teaser video for a new model it is preparing. The problem is that the video doesn’t reveal much, so we have no clue what it could be. In fact, we don’t even know when it will hit the market because all the video says is that the new model is “Coming soon.”

There is some pretty interesting speculation happening on Aston Martin’s YouTube channel. One user claims it is a final edition of the V12 Vantage – a pretty good guess – and another says it is a special V12 Vantage Centennial Edition, which is yet another good bet. Our favorite guess, however, is a “Toyota Prius, with [an] Aston Martin [badge] on.”

Taking a look into the future, the only model Aston Martin is currently preparing is the 2014 Vanquish Volante, but if you will take a second look to the video you will see the car shown has really doesn’t look the like a Vanquish.

On the other hand, a while ago we reported that the V12 Vantage will be dropped, so we agree with the YouTube user that opined that this is likely the final edition V12 Vantage.


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