Is there anyone you would like to be more than Jay Leno? Think about it; the guy has boatloads of money and spends his time tinkering with some of the most fabulous cars on the planet. He can basically drive whatever car he chooses without so much as uttering a full sentence to convince the auto brand to let him and then he gets paid to tell people what he thinks about them. Not a bad gig at all.

For his latest endeavor, the King of Late Night got to take a spin in the Aston Martin V12 Vantage. The V12 Vantage can hit a top speed of 190mph and can make the 0-60mph sprint in 4.2 seconds, so getting the chance sit behind this wheel is definitely a thing to cherish.

During his turn in the British supercar, Leno described the Aston Martin as "almost the perfect combination of hardcore track sports car and GT car." During the video, he turns the car over - something we would never do - to British racing driver Justin Bell who puts the car through its paces at Willow Springs track.


Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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