There’s something to be said about performing the perfect burnout.

First, you have to be wary of the possible consequences that can result from your stunt; second, you have to know that when something goes wrong, then you probably did something to cause it; third, and most important, when smoke appears and it doesn’t come out of your tires – as what happens when a burnout occurs – then something is definitely wrong.

This man decided to do a burnout with his Corvette Z06 but instead of delighting us with a video of tires smoking, he ends up toasting the clutch of his Z06. It’s hard for us to even watch it without even cringing.

But we still have an obligation to show this video to you guys, if only to warn you that burnouts – while really cool to perform when done right – almost always don’t go according to plan.


Source: YouTube

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  (58) posted on 12.26.2009

There another person that does not deserve the car he owns.... You deserve it bud!

  (3) posted on 12.26.2009

woooow.....and he continues to toast the clutch....u figure he would stop after not hearing the tires squeal, lol

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