Video: Audi A1 gets Wasabi Green interior and trim treatment

We’ve pretty much seen and heard everything there is to know about the Audi A1. From the car’s LED daylight running lights, to the colored roof arches, and even how Audi plans to "raise the bar" with the new A1. We’ve pretty much been given a comprehensive course on Audi’s new premium hatchback.

Well, we’re not done. Or at least Audi isn’t.

The next video to come out of Ingolstadt features Jana Bonkova, a color and trim designer from Audi. In this video, Bonkova goes into detail about the Audi using a Wasabi Green accent color in the car’s interior.

"Wasabi Green was used selectively to create accents, such as in details like seams," she said. "We want to use this color to appeal to people who simply want something new and fresh."

Some of you may find this bit of information as pretty trivial compared to the other videos, but we think that on the contrary, it might be of interest to someone who’s interested in purchasing an A1 down the road.

For those of you who think against us, don’t worry; we promise it gets a little more interesting, because from what we’ve heard, the next video that will come out will feature members of football club Bayern Munich taking the A1 out for a test drive. That, by all accounts, should be fun.


Source: YouTube

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