Days after releasing a video of the new A1 hatchback’s LED daylight running lights as explained by light designer Andre Georgi, Audi has come out with what looks to be the next instalment of its highly-interesting series of the new hatchback being discussed in great detail by the folks behind the project.

In this video, Jürgen Löffler, the Audi A1’s chief exterior designer, reveals that similar to the concept, the new production version of the hatchback will also come with contrasting roof arches, which can be customized in a number of colors depending on the owner’s preference and regardless of the car’s body color.

In addition to that, Löffler also explains how the A1’s shoulder line – or “tornado line”, as he so eloquently put it, wraps around the entire exterior of the car from the single-frame grilles in the front all the way to rear hatch.

It goes without saying that Audi is tirelessly promoting the A1 as it nears its world debut at the Geneva Auto Show in March. For a brand that’s hoping to take on the BMW-owned MINI in the compact hatchback segment, any and all marketing initiatives – in this case, elaborate discussions with the A1’s brain-trust - will be most definitely welcome.


Source: YouTube

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