We see a ton of automotive videos in a day’s work, but some just grab you by the neck and slap you around a little. One type of video that rattles our cage a little bit are ridiculous comparisons. One example of strange comparisons was the Ford Focus ST vs. WRX/GTI/Mazdaspeed 3/M3, as throwing the M3 in there was like some annoying dude at a party name-dropping just to sound cool.

Now, when auto manufacturers start comparing their production cars to race cars, that is really aggravating. Rarely, if ever, does a production model car share anything but basic exterior styling with its racing brethren, so comparison is just ridiculous. Now, to take a new car that is cool in itself and compare it to one of the most important, yet unrelated, racing cars in an automaker’s history is just idiocy.

That said, however, Audi managed to compare the 90 Quattro race car – likely one of the most importance race cars to don the four rings – to the TT RS, which is one of the baddest compact coupes on the market. These two cars share absolutely nothing, except that they both have five cylinders. However, Audi did it in such an awesome way that you totally forget the lunacy of comparing the two and just get caught up in the video.

Have a look at the above video and you’ll see exactly what we mean. We’ve gotta give it to Audi’s production team for this video, as it definitely got us all amped up, despite the fact they are comparing a 700+ horsepower racecar to 360-horsepower compact coupe.


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  (342) posted on 08.24.2012

They don’t have to show how great the Quattro on us. For me, I’ve seen and watched its performance on a certain event.

  (328) posted on 08.22.2012

That video helps a lot on proving that TT RS is better than the Quattro Race car though some aspects are most favored on the side of Quattro.

  (517) posted on 08.22.2012

What’s the essence of comparing those cars? I’m sure Audi would be the best choice compare to 90 Quattro Race Car.

  (1) posted on 08.13.2012

I watched the video. It does not seem like Audi compared the TTRS to the 90 quattro. Looks like they were comparing the 2.5 TFSI 5 cylinder engine in the TTRS to the 5 cylinder engine powering the 90 quattro.

Also, quattro is never spelled using an upper case "Q".

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