The German automaker Audi is making a move before the Frankfurt Motor Show with a series of viral videos and the website Electricity Untamed. The site is not much more than a counter that will zero out on September 15th and a series of facts that come in and out of view. Informing you that lightning is 5 times hotter than the sun and that 1 bolt creates 1 billion volts of electricity and can cook 30000 microwave dinners. However the most tantalizing of those factoids is that electricity travels at over 670 Million MPH, especially because the automaker has denied that the electrified R8 would make it to the show.

The only thing that we have to go on, aside from the electricity theme, is that the new car should look something like an R8 or even a TT depending on how you squint at the rendering below. If Audi is planning on brining a battery powered sports car to Frankfurt, they may have to share the stage at their 100th Anniversary at their home show with that pesky electric SLS super car from AMG. We are sure that if the German automaker did decide to prepare something special for their home show shouldn’t disappoint, as the last of those quotes stated, a shock you can feel delivers 250 volts of electricity, so if the jolt that sent the kid in the video clear across his living room, the electric Audi should be packing quite a punch as well.

Video: Audi goes viral before Frankfurt
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Source: Electricity Untamed

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