We are slight fans of synchronized drifting, though you likely already know that. What can possibly be cooler than seeing multiple cars drifting around one another in perfect time, just missing each other by mere inches? Well, the only thing we can think of is a motorcycle and a car pulling off this feat. Not just any motorcycle and car either, but two of the baddest ones around – an Audi R8 5.2 and BMW S1000RR, respectively.

With 704 horsepower between the two – 525 to the Audi and 179 to the BMW – these two kick up all sorts of smoldering rubber in the process of wagging their respective tails all over this closed track. To boot, the motorcycle driver pulls off some downright incredible stunts in the process of drifting like a madman.

The Audi R8 joins in a little bit late in the video, but holds its own. For the most part, however, the Audi is more of a very expensive prop for the Beemer.

Check out the video above, it’s well worth the time.


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