Video: Audi R8 and Range Rover Sport being chased by the police

At first look, you’d think that this car chase scene came straight out of an action-packed Hollywood blockbuster, but if you must believe, it’s actually produced entirely in computer-generated imagery (CGI). Yeah, you read that. That Audi R8 and Range Rover Sport you see spectacularly trying to escape the clutches of the police aren’t real. But they sure look like it, right?

Sometimes we tend to forget the beauty that is CGI; it seems that just about every movie that’s produced these days has a tinge of CGI-ness to them. But watching something like this makes us all remember just how unbelievably real CGI can be, especially when you take into account that the video even has closer-ups of the driver deftly manoeuvring the R8 while being chased by a horde of angry coppers.


Source: Vimeo

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  (345) posted on 03.1.2010

hei what the hell... where is the movie? can’t see it.. all i can see is a black screen..

  (512) posted on 02.22.2010

I don’t know what happen but the video’s not working. Anyways I don’t think the Range Rover can chase the R8 coz’ in terms of speed, advantage:R8; acceleration shifting speed, advantage:R8; car power, advantage:Range Rover; So all in all, R8 wins this one.

  (379) posted on 02.18.2010

Cool. Now that wasn’t an easy job to do. But, the first give away that will say that it isn’t real is the flipping police car. It were that obvious that there weren’t any damages made while it was flipping. The next is when the car drifted for a while and then stopped for a few seconds. I don’t think cars behave like that stop, but anyhow, it is still a very impressive video.

  (544) posted on 02.18.2010

that was an embarrassment to the hummer, police car was an Alfa Romeo and IMO it can matched up with the r8’s speed and agility. r8’s drift under the container is already done by Ken Block in his Gymkhana Round 2.

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