Video: Audi R8 vs Airplane

If you enjoyed seeing the new V10 powered Audi R8 in Maranello, Audi TV has another interesting clip for you. This time they have pitted their R8 super car against and airplane. For the Audi this isn’t just an acceleration test, if the driver doesn’t get on the brakes early enough he and the car might just end up in the drink. Filmed aboard the USS Midway in the San Diego bay, Audi has outdone themselves once again.


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  (79) posted on 05.19.2009

This R8 Targa is simply telling us it can actually fly minus the wings

  (137) posted on 05.19.2009

Can’t definitely say. But this R8 really makes this EDGE 540X a poor contestant

  (314) posted on 05.19.2009

Just to add to your info-comment pal. The Zivko Edge 540X is the most common aircraft used in the Red Bull Air Race World Series, in fact all champions of the World Series have flown this aircraft (Its the one used in this film).

  (289) posted on 05.19.2009

FYI: The Zivko Edge 540 manufactured by Zivko Aeronautics is a highly aerobatic aircraft. Capable of a 420 degree per second roll rate and a 3,700 foot per minute climb rate, it has been flown to victory on the international Unlimited aerobatics circuit several times since the mid-1990s. A tandem-seat version is sold as the Edge 540T.

  (318) posted on 05.18.2009

Great performance, perfect control and coordination, you can’t help but to be emotional with this car.

  (421) posted on 05.18.2009

Superb. Feast of the eye. Excellent engineering for Audi

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