Video: Audi releases new promo video for the A1

Audi has spared no expense in thinking up ways of promoting their new premium hatch, the A1. First, they tabbed Justin Timberlake to be on-hand for the car’s official debut. Then, they used the pop icon to star in an oddly unsettling mini-series starring, well, the A1.

This time around, Audi opted to take an even more perplexing route in their A1 promotion by bringing in 22 low-riding classic cars, a slew of cameras, two customized A1s, and two members of the band Tokio Hotel – Tom and Bill Kaulitz - for a nice warehouse photo shoot.

Quite frankly, we don’t really see the point of the whole video other than its supposed to be another marketing promotion for the A1. Whether Audi is banking on the celebrity appeal of Tokio Hotel as much as they did with one Mr. Timberlake is a mystery to us, although we’re pretty certain that, in all fairness to the band, their name doesn’t exactly scream worldwide superstar as much as the former *NSync star.

Then again,Audi’s not really marketing the band as much as they are the car, and in that scenario, they did a pretty good, albeit weird, job doing so.


Source: Audi

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  (407) posted on 09.9.2010

Thinking about classics and combining it with todays cars, wouldn’t they look so awesome?

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