When the 2011Audi A1 hits dealerships sometime in the near future, don’t be surprised if the car gives off subtle hints from its more extravagant siblings, the Audi R8 supercar and the A8 luxury sedan, specifically the eyelash-looking LED lights found on the cars headlights.

The inclusion of LED daytime running lights, according to Audi light designer André Georgi, gives the A1 a more efficient lighting system that is brighter and, at the same time, less consuming than standard lighting systems found in other cars.

Aesthetically speaking, Georgi also suggested that a big reason in incorporating LED daytime running lights on the A1 was because of the company’s intention of infusing elements found from the R8 supercar and the A8 luxury sedan to make the A1 more attractive than any other car in its segment.

"On the A1, the front gets its character from a completely new form of LED daytime running lights. We have given our newcomer the sportiness of the R8 and the elegance of the A8," he said.

Check out the video to learn more about the A1’s new lighting system as explained by Georgi through a translator.


Source: YouTube

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  (3) posted on 01.24.2010

Nice... very nice... how FAST does it go?

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