We’re pretty sure by now you know that August Horch was the one responsible for Audi. You didn’t? Well, he is (he was also a former engineer for Karl Benz – the other guy in the Mercedes-Benz - tie-up, but that’s not relevant to the topic at hand). As a matter of fact, if you translate ’Horch’ to Latin, you’d come up with – make a wild guess – Audi.

That being said, you can expect that the man whose name bears the brand would have a car named after him. And the company did just that with the Horch - a car that survived until 1953 when the last one was rolled out of Ingolstadt. In recent years, Audi has been in search to find the last Horch that was created in ’53. So they got Ralph Hornung, their resident vintage car locator, to find the missing car.

It’s a treasure hunt that would make even Indian Jones blush.

After months of searching, Hornung found his unicorn in West Texas. We’ve spoiled enough so we’re just going to let you watch the video to find out how Hornung ended up in the most unlikely of places and, more importantly, how the Horch found itself there in the first place.


Source: Audi TV

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  (780) posted on 02.4.2010

Great antique and vintage cars are found in weird places that you can never imagine. I heard of this one news that some dudes found some cool vintage car under the lake, some in a junk yard. Apparently the people didn’t know that it was a valuable car.

  (555) posted on 01.17.2010

I think Indiana Jones needs an eyeglasses coz’ he put the X-spot on the wrong map I guess. Anyways really great find and of course finders keepers and like a hungry sharks that they can smell money on that car so expected to see it on an auction venue or even in eBay.

  (1332) posted on 12.8.2009

he car is like being left all alone for decades. It is so great that they’ve found it before it got totally destroyed. It seems that it can still entertain restorations. Hope it will be revived and be included on collector’s items. It is worth it.

  (50) posted on 11.29.2009

Sorry but this article is wrong.

AUDI is not listen in Latin, AUDI stands for
Auto Union Deutchland Ingolstadt

since AUDI was a unification of 4 companies hence the four rings

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