In order to fill a car market niche, Audi has created the A7 Sportback. Although it might appear to be a new design, this actually harks back to the days of the Citroen CX.

The Audi version, the A7 Sportback is actually a decent looking car, as some companies have made right messes of their sportback models. We’re looking at youHonda with your Crosstour. The Audi is only a prototype at this point, but it’s slated to be ready by 2012 and just in case you were wondering how it was thought up, Audi has a video for you to see.

The designers created something that stepped outside of the normal sportback range. Obviously, its shape will put it in the firing line of the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class and the Volkswagen CC. Yet, we don’t think Audi should have too much of a problem garnering sales, as its look is quite unique, including that massive rear end.

We’ve said enough about this car’s visual appearance, now enjoy the video.


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  (377) posted on 11.1.2010

Interesting pricing. Hopefully it works for Audi with BMW pricing their 7 series sport back/wagon/ clusterfrack $20,000 cheaper than the 7 series. I guess if they’re looking to move lower volumes.

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