Now that the 2011 summer movie schedule is drawing to a close, the whole world is turning its attention to the 2012 schedule, which is highlighted by the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

The movie is currently under production and as many fans of the hit movie franchise will tell you, one of the newsworthy headlines being talked about these days is the return of Batman’s own wrecking ball of a Batmobile, the Tumbler.

The vehicle was noticeably absent in the Dark Knight after sustaining significant ’damage’ in Batman Begins. But now it looks like the popular ride is fixed to return to active duty as recent spy videos show the car in transit, albeit covered by a tarp, on its way to a ’secret’ hanger after spending some time on the set of its on-location filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The buzz surrounding the new Tumbler is that it’s going to be dressed differently from its prior incarnation in the first movie - the word is that it’s going to come in tan - which really isn’t a shock considering that the original Tumbler didn’t have any prominent hues to begin with.

Check out the video of the covered up Tumbler being transported to the Batcave...err...that ’secret’ hangar people have been talking about.


Source: YouTube

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