Video: Behind the scenes with Turn 10 Studios on Forza Motorsport’s technology

When we’re playing our favorite car racing video games, be it Forza 4 or Gran Turismo 5, we often marvel at the intricate level of realism that these games exhibit.

What we don’t take into account is the level of work done behind the scenes to give us a product worth blushing over. For their part, Turn 10 Studios, the development geniuses behind the Forza Motorsport franchise, is giving us a quick look at precisely that.

In order to build and develop a game as intricate as Forza 4, you need people that work about as hard as these guys. Half-assed isn’t gonna cut it, and certainly, when you invest as much time on developing a game like this, you need to be on your p’s and q’s all day, all the time.

Watching this video makes you appreciate all the hard work they put in just so we can spend inordinate hours of time on our couches playing the games to our heart’s content.


Source: Forza Motorsport

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