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  • Video: BMW driver loses his cool on trailing MazdaSpeed3
    Mazdaspeed3 (Shitbox) and BMW 335i on Calaveras road

    Car -
    2008 Mazdaspeed3
    Mazdaspeed CAI
    Dunlop Z1 Star Specs
    RX8 Wheels
    Koni FSDs
    Stock everything else!

    Memorial Day Weekend driving on Calaveras Road in Northern California...

    BMW 335i pulls out in front and was driving enthusiastically down this sweet road. I decided to join in and thought we were having a great time until I get a nice little brake check. Once we got to a complete stop the BMW driver got out and had some nice and wonderful things to say.

    The driving part is somewhat boring. We didn’t even make it to the twisty bits yet. The commentary on the other hand... thats exciting!

    I’m still not sure why he was so angry...

    1.) I gave him plenty of room and was not tailgating him...
    2.) I figure if he didn’t want to drive quickly down the road, he wouldn’t have driven quickly to begin with. (Even then, we weren’t even going that fast...)
    3.) If he just wanted me to go around, he would have pulled off and let me pass?
    4.) Maybe he was upset that his BMW couldn’t pull away from a ’little shitbox’?
    5) Perhaps Bad BBQ bean for Memorial Day?
    6.) Standard behavior from a BMW owner? (Haha, I’m kidding! I love Bimmers!)

    No hard feelings my friend... that BMW is a sweet ride!