A series of BMWs recently took to the Salzburgring racetrack in Austria to run a few laps in the circuit. Now, normally this wouldn’t come off as groundbreaking news but these Beamers are not your ordinary BMWs; they all come from the prestigious M lineage of BMWs.

Running down the list of those present, it looks like the M fleet was well-accounted for, including the new X6 M, the M3, the M5, and even the M3 GT4.

Now, we can all sit on our chairs and daydream about the day when we can call ourselves ‘owners’ of one of these mouth-watering vehicles, or we can sit back and enjoy the video. It’s your call,


Source: BMW Blog

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  (859) posted on 01.6.2010

It’s like a BMW show off featuring the M series on that track. Daydreaming to have an M series? I am!

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