If you’re a car manufacturer, you know you’ve found yourself a gem of a car if it’s already sold out even before you release it to the public. That’s exactly what BMW has in the new M3 GTS. Despite coming in with a price tag of around $170,000, demand for the M3 GTS was so great that the car already sold out a few months after it was unveiled last November.

And now that the release of the M3 GTS is upon us - or at least to those who managed to reserve one - BMW is hard-at-work in giving the tuned-up beast a few last minute tweaks. That much is certain after two prototypes of the sports car were spotted doing some practice laps at the Nurburgring recently.

Whatever comes from these tests shouldn’t come as a cause for concern for prospective owners of the M3 GTS. We don’t have reason to believe that what BMW is doing at the Nurburgring wasn’t anything more than stretching the sports cars legs before it’s released out to the streets. In any case, here’s a video of the M3 GTS in action at the Nurburgring for your public consumption.


Source: BMW Blog

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