High-powered BMWs racing down an open airfield is a joy to watch, although it would’ve been a tad better if the two cars were racing on an even playing field.

That’s where this video takes us after two BMWs – one is a standard M3 V8 while the other is a tricked-out M-Division S85 M3 V10 – decide that it would make for great viewing to see the S85 lay complete waste to the – by comparison – pedestrian M3 V8.

And that’s exactly what happens here. The monster V10 engine clearly overpowered its competitor, blazing off into the distance while the poor M3 was left to eat its dust. It’s all in good fun, though and we bet the video was created solely for the purpose of pimping up the power of the V10 engine.

Suffice to say, the message was heard loud and clear.


Source: M5Board

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