British magazine, EVO, has gone out and pitted a few more competitors against each other to determine which is the better ride. Starting with the very cool BMW M5, EVO gathered up its competitors - the Porsche Panamera S, Mercedes E63 AMG, and Jaguar XFR - for a little one on three action.

Let’s break it down with some numbers. The M5’s 560 HP went up against the 550 HP from the Panamera, the 525 HP from the E63 AMG, and the 510 HP from the XF-R. Basically, the test served up 2,145 HP of phenomenal power, but which sports car landed on top of the heap?

Before watching the video, try to take a stab at who crossed the finish-line first. You may be surprised. We’ll give you a one hint: the Panamera turned out to be the laziest from them all.


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  (4) posted on 12.13.2011

Correct, this is a Panamera S, NOT Panamera Turbo S.

And even though it is down more than 100hp on the others, it still does rather well. Even if it does still cost more than all the others too...

  (3) posted on 12.11.2011

No surprise the Panamera S is last, it only has 400 HP, not 550 HP

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